Robust disinfectant dispensers to stand and hang up // Hand disinfectant and hygiene spray for cleaning surfaces (only available in Germany) // available now in specialist shops and online

It's clean: New DURABLE products for hygiene protection in the workplace

Iserlohn, 25.08.2020: Attention, danger of infection when touching frequently used things! Even though there are already strict hygiene rules for the workplace and facilities with public access: To contain the pandemic, much greater precautions must be taken once again. Don't forget to disinfect your hands - because this is how viruses and bacteria can literally get from hand to mouth. From the door handle to the banister, from the telephone to the computer keyboard - regular disinfection of surfaces is therefore essential. Modern Work expert DURABLE is now launching new products on the market for (also permanently) practicable hygiene protection in the workplace. These include disinfectant dispensers - as floor stands and wall dispensers - as well as various disinfectants, sold only in Germany. All products are available immediately in specialist shops and online.

Standing by at any time!
In entrance areas, communal areas, sanitary facilities, at counters and cash desks - wherever several people are active at work and in public areas and can spread germs and viruses by touch, hands should be disinfected regularly. DURABLE now offers particularly robust disinfectant dispensers made of sheet steel and aluminium. The size of the bottle compartment can be adjusted so that there is room for dispenser bottles of different sizes. The floor stand is available with or without integrated information board. DURABLE provides free templates for this at, which can be printed out on your own printer.
The wall dispenser is easy to attach and, like the floor dispensers, can be operated particularly hygienically, for example with the elbow.
Thanks to their high-quality workmanship, the dispensers are also well suited for long-term use and a long-term protection concept. Bacteria and germs are always and everywhere present, and this will remain so in the future.

Keep it clean!
Always at hand: The new hand disinfection gel in the 100 ml bottle fits in every pocket and drawer. The bottle can be reused in an environmentally friendly way and can be refilled several times via the two-litre refill canister. With the hygiene spray in the 250 ml pump spray bottle, the surfaces of workplace equipment can be disinfected in an uncomplicated way. Both gel and spray are antibacterial and effective against enveloped viruses.


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