DURABLE TABLET HOLDER in use on ICE trains, buses and trams

From the Bistro till to the duty rota –

Iserlohn, 09/08/2022 Always on the move: every day DURABLE TABLET HOLDERs are being used up and down the country on local and long-distance public transport. They support service staff and drivers in looking after passengers and viewing duty rotas. Nowadays, payment systems and procedures on local and long-distance public transport are being increasingly processed using tablets. An everyday solution for safe and ergonomic tablet use is therefore essential. Both Deutsche Bahn and Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe (the local public transport operator in Dresden) are using the high-quality, flexible TABLET HOLDER from the German brand DURABLE.

Over 800 TABLET HOLDERs are in use in the Bordbistros on the Deutsche Bahn network, mainly on the ICE trains, and Deutsche Bahn are already planning on expanding this. Service staff in the Bordbistros take orders and cash up using tablets. Thanks to the TABLET HOLDERs, the devices are always ready to hand and are set at the ideal working position. Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe uses the TABLET HOLDERs to give bus and tram drivers an overview of their duty rotas.

A perfect fit – custom-made to your needs
As DURABLE develops and manufactures all their products in Germany, they not only provide high-quality products featuring a range of functional details, but also offer the option to order custom-made solutions. For Deutsche Bahn, DURABLE produced a modified version of the TABLET HOLDER TABLE. In addition to the integrated anti-theft protection, the stand was also made to screw onto the counter in the Bordbistro. An extra opening in the stand allows the charging cable to hang below the work surface with no risk of slipping. In addition, the custom-made product meets the fire protection class required by Deutsche Bahn for the use of the tablet holder in the trains.

The full range of movement of the tablet is guaranteed. The holder can be rotated through 360° allowing it to be easily turned from landscape to portrait and back again. The angle of the support arm can be infinitely adjusted between 0° and 88°. This allows staff members to adjust the tilt angle to their personal preference for ergonomic operation. Thanks to high-quality aluminium components and the rubberised surface, the TABLET HOLDER TABLE is particularly robust and is a reliable tool to use during a hectic working day.

Many potential applications
With its TABLET HOLDER line, DURABLE provides local and long-distance public transport operators and other companies with an extensive range of potential applications. As well as various desk mount solutions, suspended holders for tablets are also available. The TABLET HOLDER WALL ARM is a swivelling wall mount while the TABLET HOLDER WALL PRO is a swivelling wall mount with an angle-adjustable feature.  Both the TABLE and the WALL models are available in XL for tablets with cases. These are particularly suitable for environments where an extra dose of robustness is required.



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