Always at hand: Hand Sanitiser on the go. New special model of the DURABLE Retractable Reel EXTRA STRONG

Iserlohn, 24.09.2020. Regular hand-cleaning is one of the most important hygiene measures in the context of infection protection. People rummaging in handbags, satchels and backpacks for hand sanitiser to disinfect their hands is a familiar picture in corona times. Modern Work expert DURABLE has now come up with a simple and practical solution to ensure that hand sanitiser is accessible at all times. The German brand manufacturer has equipped its retractable reel extra-strong with a holder for all common size gel bottles.

And this is how easy it is: Attach the reel with its carabiner to a bag, rucksack or trouser loop, insert the bottle of hand gel bottle into the rubber ring holder and you're done.

Whenever the disinfectant is needed: pull the reel and the bottle is ready to hand. Just as quickly after use, the bottle is stowed away. Thanks to the integrated magnet, the reel retracts immediately without rolling or twisting when it is no longer in use. And if the hand sanitiser is empty, it can easily be replaced with a new one.

Strong pull
Originally designed for company ID passes and keys, the DURABLE Retractable Reel EXTRA STRONG is perfect for daily use to support good hygiene. Whether at work, school, shopping or travelling, the extra-strong reel is always ready to hand as a clever helper. The magnet reliably holds up to 300 grams in weight - i.e. a 250 ml gel bottle. The plastic is flexible and stretchy and adapts easily to all bottles with a neck diameter of up to 20 mm. The reel and magnet can be used hundreds of times a day without the magnet ever losing its power. And the product is so easy that everyone, from small school children to their grandparents, can benefit from it.
The DURABLE Retractable Reel EXTRA STRONG for Hand Sanitiser is now available in specialist shops and online.


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